The Atom Weight Championship and the prize awarded to the top Atom Weight

The Atom-Weight Division is a wrestling division typically reserved for wrestlers weighing below 220 lbs (100 kg) with no minimum weight restriction, it is the M4G-Nation's version of a Cruiserweight, a moniker given to wrestlers that meet such a requirement.

The Atom-Weight Division is 1 out of 4 divisions found in the M4G-Nation, the others being: The female oriented Harlot's Division, the Tag Team Division, and the Harlot Tag Team Division.

Attributes Edit

Wrestlers in this division are generally much shorter and possess less muscle mass than a typical wrestler, thus, they usually favor agility and speed over size and strength. This leads to a much more acrobatic style of wrestling, consisting of aerial moves being performed at dangerous or risky areas such as the top rope, while still employing many of the common features displayed during professional wrestling bouts. Since these high-flying techniques sport a vast degree of risk, matches that include one or more members from this division have a tendency to be more entertaining and exciting as opposed to other wrestling matches. 

The prestigious title awarded to the more proficient Atom-Weight wrestler in a particular match is the namesake  'Atom-Weight Championship'. This title is only awarded to a member of the Atom-Weight division, and thus can only be contested for in matches containing 2 or more of these particular wrestlers.


This is the list of known, current, active members of the roster are as follows.