Origin DC Comics
Debut: August 30th 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: N/A
Aquaman is the King Of Atlantis and a former member of the M4G-Nation.

Aquaman has only appeared once in the M4G-Nation teaming with Batman and Superman of the Justice League against The Avengers. Despite rarely appearing, he is still considered one of the most powerful members of the Justice League.


Aquaman's first and only appearance on August 30th 2012 was as a part of a team alongside Batman and Superman to represent the Justice League in their second match against The Avengers. After 20+ minutes without an elimination, the match saw it's first elimination in Aquaman who got pinned by Ironman. The team ended up losing the match and Aquaman was not seen in the M4G-Nation again.

Theme SongEdit

Justice League Unlimited - Full Theme (HQ)01:01

Justice League Unlimited - Full Theme (HQ)


  • Aquaman not being a part of the M4G-Nation is likely due to the M4G-Nation having a character very similar to him in the form of the God Of The Sea Poseidon.
  • Interestingly enough, a character called Poseidon was actually a frequent character in the Aquaman comic books. However, the Posedion currently used is based on the God Of War version.

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