Android 18
Android 18
Origin Dragon Ball Z
Debut: March 31st 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: The Awakening (Single knee facebreaker, with theatrics)
Android 18 is an android built by Dr Gero in the Dragonball Z series that competes in the M4G-Nation.

Android 18 put on a dominating display in her first run with the M4G-Nation. Android 18 may have been one of the strongest and most accomplished harlots in the division had she not made a fleeting stint. She returned to the company as a masked superstar in alliance with Kunimitsu as Menage a Trois. Together, they are the current DD Champions.


Android 18 first appearance came on March 31st 2012. She fought Team Rocket member Jessie and easily won off a Full Nelson lock. She has not been seen for the remainder of the WWE '12 season.

18 made her return to the Harlot's Division donning a mask and different ring attire alongside Kunimitsu. They made sporadic appearances in vignettes where they would ambush various competitors in the Harlot's Division. Referred to as the 'Lucha-whores' by Trevor, their in-ring debut occured on August 29, 2013, defeating the tandem of former Harlot Division Champion Silk Spectre, and Elastigirl. This victory allowed them to challenge then DD Champions Queens and Sevens at Solar Eclipse 2, where they easily beat the team of Harley Quinn and Bloodrayne.

On the September 16, 2013 edition of State of the M4G-Nation, Android 18 and her partner were confronted by Daphne Blake and Hermione Granger, and were warned to 'stay out of our way' by Granger. Refusing to be intimidated, Android 18 returned Granger's verbatim to her team. Afterwards, the duo confronted Daenerys Targaryen, and warned her of a possible third member of Menage a Trois. The final character has yet to be revealed. After their successful title defense from Frost Nips at Big Bang 2, the two cut a promo revealing their identities to the M4G-Nation universe, and sent an ominous message regarding the fate of the Harlot's Division.


  • Android 18 is the only android out of herself, #16 and #17 that remained unbeaten in the M4G-Nation.
  • Android 18's attire is the outfit she wore when she first debuted in the Dragonball Z anime alongside Android 17.

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