Android 16
Origin Dragonball Z
Debut: April 18th 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Name not given(Military press transitioned into a drop on the opponent's head)
Android 16 is an android created by Dr Gero in the Dragonball Z that has appeared in the M4G-Nation.

Android 16 only ever appeared twice in the M4G-Nation being one of many fighters from the Dragonball Z universe to appear in the M4G-Nation ring with Android 17 and Android 18 also appearing. Android 16's most notable achievement in the M4G-Nation was making the final four of the first ever Royal Rumble to crown the first ever Inter-Universal Champion.


Android 16 is Dr Gero's 16th android creation. His initial purpose was to kill Goku, who was responsible for the defeat of the Red Ribbon Army as a child. Made completely synthetically, Android 16 was an incomplete android which was activated earlier than it should have been by Android 17 and Android 18. While #17 and #18 were ruthless killers, #16 was a nice android that was resistant to engaging in combat unless he really needed to. He had a love for nature and animals and "gave everything up to save it". He would help the Z Warriors battle Cell in the Cell Games but was unsuccessful himself in defeating Cell. Before dying, #16 gave words of wisdom to Gohan telling him to drop his restraints and protect the life he cherished. This was followed by Cell killing #16 by stamping on his head, which enrages Gohan to the point where he ascends to the level of Super Saiyan 2.


Android 16 first appeared in the 12th episode of the M4G-Nation taking part in a fatal four way ladder match for a Galactic Championship match on April 18th 2012. #16 was put up against the very capable warriors Hiei, Captain Planet and future two-time Galactic Champion Master Chief. Master Chief would sneak the victory away from #16's nose and went on to become the first ever Galactic Champion.

Android 16's next and last appearance in the M4G-Nation came on April 29th 2012. He appeared as the number 24 entrant in the first ever Royal Rumble and was able to eliminate Brock, Darth Maul and Giovanni. He made the final four of the Royal Rumble, but was eliminated by Matt Ishida. 

Theme SongEdit

DBZ-Android 16 Theme01:47

DBZ-Android 16 Theme


  1. 16 is one of the 3 androids from the Dragonball Z series, with both Android 17 and Android 18 appearing in the M4G-Nation.

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