Absolute Zero was a M4G-Nation PPV held on March 31st 2013.

The card featured 5 matches, with the main event being a 6 man elimination tag match with the Inter-Universal Champion Jack-6 teaming with Buu Supremacy members Bojack and Marcus Fenix to face Goku, Raphael and Master Chief. The Inter-Universal Championship was at stake. If Jack-6's team would have won, Jack-6 would have retained the championship. But if Goku's team won, Goku would have won the championship. This was the only time that the main title in the M4G-Nation was defended in a tag team match.


At Northern Lights, Jack-6 defeated Goku in an Extreme Rules match to retain the Inter-Universal Championship. However, Goku was still determined to take the Inter-Universal Championship away from Jack-6 and his group the Buu Supremacy. So to fight the Supremacy, Goku recruited former Galactic Champion Master Chief and the returning Raphael to fight the Supremacy. Goku would go on to defeat Buu in a Last Man Standing match to earn a rematch for the Inter-Universal Championship at Absolute Zero. On March 25th it was decided that the title match would be a elimination 6 man tag team match. Goku would team with Raphael and Master Chief to face off against the champion Jack-6 and his fellow Buu Supremacy team mates Marcus Fenix and Bojack. If Goku's team won, he'd be the champion. If the Buu Supremacy won, Jack-6 would retain.

The next challenger for Jason Voorhees' title was decided in Number One Contender week on March 22nd 2013. 4 man within the top 20 of the rankings were put in a fatal four way match to determine the number one contender. The match would feature Hardcore Champion Vegeta (who'd lose the championship if he got pinned), former Hardcore Champion Cookie Monster, former Inter-Universal Champion Captain America and Buu Supremacy member Marcus Fenix. In the end, it would be Cookie Monster who pinned Captain America for the win and to earn a Galactic Championship match against Jason at Absolute Zero. Later on, the match was made an Inferno Match.

At Northern Lights, Tien Shinhan defeated Ash Ketchum to win the Atom-Weight Championship after the lights went out during their match and Ash was taken out. In an interview after the match, Tien was assaulted by Ash. Ash activated his rematch clause for a ladder match against Tien on March 17th 2013 and regained the championship. Afterwards, one final match was agreed between Ash and Tien to settle the score at Absolute Zero. Two stipulations were added for the match. If Tien Shinhan lost, he would be fired from the M4G-Nation as long as Ash was the Atom-Weight Champion. But if Ash Ketchum lost, he would never be allowed to compete for the Atom-Weight Championship again.

At Northern Lights, Mortal Kombat defeated Spartan Fury to win the Tag Team Championship. On March 28th 2013, Spartan Fury would earn a rematch at Absolute Zero with a victory over Seriously Too Cool and the rematch the two teams was set. Just before the match began, Ironman was signed as the manager for Mortal Kombat.

After the Harlots Champion Bulma was "killed" on January 28th 2013, the championship was declared vacated due to Bulma not being able to defend it within 30 days. As a result of the 30 day mandatory defence time limit expiring, a new champion needed to be crowned. Therefore, a 32 woman tournament was put in place to determine a new champion. The final would be held at Absolute Zero. The finalists were determined to be former Harlots Champion Silk Spectre (who lost the championship to Bulma the day before it was vacated) and a surprising newcomer Daphne Blake. However, it was revealed that Daphne was working with Hermione Grainger, who was the one responsible for Bulma being taken out. Taylor Swift made a deal with Daphne that allowed her to take Daphne's spot in the tournament final in exchange for Daphne and Hermione being awarded the DD Championship.


# Match Stipulations
1 Ash Ketchm (c) defeated Tien Shinhan Singles Match For The Atom-Weight Championship. If Ash Ketchum lost, he'd never compete for the Atom-Weight Championship again. If Tien Shinhan lost, he'd be fired from the M4G-Nation as long as Ash was the champion
2 Jason Voorhees (c) defeated Cookie Monster Inferno Match For The Galactic Championship
3 Dale Earnhardt Jr. defeated Vegeta (c) Singles Match For The Hardcore Championship (Match took place in the parking lot under the 24/7 rule)
4 Scorpion (c) and Sub-Zero (c) w/ Ironman defeated Kratos and Leonidas Tag Team Match For The Tag Team Championship
5 Taylor Swift defeated Silk Spectre Harlots Division Tournament Final For The Vacant Harlots Championship
6 Jack-6 (c), Marcus Fenix and Bojack defeated Goku, Master Chief and Raphael Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match For The Inter-Universal Championship. If the Buu Supremacy won, Jack-6 would retain the championship. If Goku's team won, Goku would win the championship.

Six Man Tag Team Elimination MatchEdit

Elimination No. Wrestler Team Eliminated By Method Of Elimination (Move Used) Time
1 Raphael Team Goku Marcus Fenix Pinfall (Stone Cold Stunner) 20:29
2 Marcus Fenix Buu Supremacy Master Chief Pinfall (Spartan Laser) 21:29
3 Master Chief Team Goku Bojack Pinfall (The Unbound) 31:08
4 Bojack Buu Supremacy Goku Pinfall (Victory Roll Up) 32:39
5 Goku Team Goku Jack-6 Pinfall (Top Rope Double Underhook Suplex) 36:29


M4G-Nation PayPerView - Absolute Zero March 31st, 2013-002:00:23

M4G-Nation PayPerView - Absolute Zero March 31st, 2013-0

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