2 Fast 4 Speed
Members: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The Flash

Origins Real Life (Dale Earnhardt Jr.)

DC Comics (The Flash)

Debut: June 30, 2013
Careers: Released August 10
Finishing Moves: Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Daytona 500 (Facebreaker DDT)

The Flash: Canadian Destroyer

2 Fast 4 Speed was a tag team made up of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and The Flash from Real Life and Dc comics respectly.

They were a new tag team that fought only twice before being released.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Flash would come draw number 5 in the tag team gauntlet match at Galactic Throwdown II. Flash would spear himself into the announce table and would get counted out after not being able to get in the ring after ten seconds losing to Spartan Fury. They would then lose a handicap match vs Jack-6 without The Flash even being tagged in.

The team dissolved when both The Flash and Dale Jr. were fired on August 10 due to unimpressive careers, being last and second-to-last in points.

Theme SongEdit

NASCAR on FOX Theme song (2001-2007)-001:41

NASCAR on FOX Theme song (2001-2007)-0


  • The tag team went 0-2 in its short history.

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